Amazing Experiences for Your Honeymoon in Phu Quoc Island

Amazing Experiences for Your Honeymoon in Phu Quoc Island

Amazing Experiences for Your Honeymoon in Phu Quoc Island
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Phu Quoc is named “The Pearl Island” since this destination is famous for the natural pearl industry as well as the valuable merits of beach and history – just like “a real pearl.” As the largest and one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, the site is surely worth your sweet holiday after marriage. If you’re concerned about how to celebrate the post-wedding moments, just honeymoon in Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc Island – A True Beach Paradise for Honeymooners

Belong to Kien Giang Province, around 25km from Ha Tien; the Phu Quoc Island covers an area of 547 square kilometers. The destination is reputable for the exquisite beaches, delicious peppers, natural pearls, recreational Vinpearl Land Amusement Park, picturesque waterfalls, etc. Any honeymoon package to Phu Quoc includes the local highlights of Vinpearl Land, Phu Quoc National Park, Coconut Tree Prison, Sao Beach, Tranh Waterfall, Dong Duong Town, and Ham Ninh Fishing Village. Each of these tourist attractions provides the ideal settings for couple activities and memories. It’s great news to know that from March 2014, the foreigners are allowed to visit Phu Quoc without a visa for a stay of 30 days. The visa-free policy might encourage the sales of Phu Quoc Honeymoon Package.

6 Amazing Experiences You Must Try if Travelling to Phu Quoc

mineral mud bath in Galina Phu QuocFirst, enjoy the mineral mud bath in Galina Phu Quoc. Around 10-minute driving from Phu Quoc International Airport, Galina is the first Mud Bath and Spa in the “Pearl Island.” With 21 mud ponds and 19 upscale spa rooms, this center makes your honeymoon highly relaxing. The free feelings when you dip yourself into the mineral mud, enjoy the warmth and the fresh sea wind and contemplate the endless blue sky are wonderful. The mud bathing helps detox your body and make your skin healthy. Note that the mineral mud here is taken from the mine in Ninh Hoa (Khanh Hoa Province) and is processed professionally to ensure that it’s healthy and safe. Come here; the couples also enjoy services of body massage in Jacuzzi, foot massage, outdoor pool, remedial massage, etc. Staying sound ensures you both have an exciting honeymoon.

coral view scuba diving in Phu QuocSecond, experience the coral view scuba diving in Phu Quoc. This is the greatly favorite tourist activity in Phu Quoc. Without age limit, every kid and adult can wear the life jackets plus the special-use glasses to view the colorful coral as well as the beautiful fish. Hence, enjoy this activity with your sweetheart by letting yourself floating hand-in-hand and together contemplating the amazing underwater world. With various kinds of coral ranges, the underwater world in Phu Quoc delights your eyes much. Be free to be the “sons/daughters of the beaches” when you honeymoon in this paradise.

night squid fishing in Phu QuocThird, night squid fishing in Phu Quoc. When the night falls, the whole Phu Quoc Island turns to be quiet, but the far-off sea life becomes animated with the hard-working fishermen and their lighting boats. It is when you experience the activity of night squid fishing in a relaxing manner. Together with your life mate, go fishing creates the unforgettable memory. And the joy increases much if one of you can successfully catch the squid which is later cooked and served onboard. Meanwhile, take your time to cherish the romantic settings at night: You both are enjoying a delicate subject of art (fishing) in a glamorous seascape.

historical trip to Phu Quoc PrisonFourth, spend time for the free-of-charge historical trip to Phu Quoc Prison. Set in the south of Phu Quoc, the prison is where you have some moments of taking back in time. Built under the French colonial time, this prison was called “the hell on Earth” with many terrible torturing tools, pictures of victims, barbaric punishments. The historical site gives an authentic glimpse of the Vietnam’s harsh past as well as patriotism. The prison is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Phu Quoc.

rent a motorbike to explore the Phu Quoc islandFifth, rent a motorbike to explore the Phu Quoc island. Phu Quoc has the picturesque Sao Beach, Long Beach, Khem Beach, etc., which remain untouched. Besides, the uncrowded roads let you be free to discover the destination by a motorbike. You can head toward any primitive site you like, with your sweetheart. The best place to look for your paradise is the pristine beach in the north of the island. In the idyllic seascapes, just say the words of heart and let love grow.

sunset in Dinh Cau CapeSixth, contemplate the sunset in Dinh Cau Cape. The natural rapids in this cape have the interesting shapes for fantastic photography. On the top of the rapids, there is the antique temple with the dragon-trait roofs. This is the best zone for sightseeing the sunset over the whole stunning island. Hold the hands of your spouse tightly and record the dreamlike moments by your cameras or just by your hearts altogether.

Fresh Seafood to Fulfill Your Honeymoon Package Phu Quoc Island

phu quoc seafoodOne of the most praiseworthy traits of Phu Quoc is the fresh seafood. The “Pearl Island” serves the honeymooners worldwide generously with lots of yummy dishes. If you ask for the best food to eat in Phu Quoc, then consider the crab fried rice, Ham Ninh boiled crab, “Coi Bien Mai” grilled with chili and salt, herring salad, mango salad with snails, braised squid served with fish sauce, sours soup with cobia, sea urchin, and grilled grouper fish. Also, the seafood dishes are in their best tastes if you enjoy them with the wine of the island.

Time flies fast, so don’t wait until the last minutes of the big days and feel stressed to pick up an ideal honeymoon destination! It’s your turn to get to know Phu Quoc Island with the true half by honeymooning there. The “Pearl Island” has been the living witness of many happy couples who come to cherish the joyful moments after the wedding, celebrate their anniversaries, or dating. Your footsteps in this island will become the valuable memories until the old age. Without a doubt, the honeymoon holiday will go beyond your expectation in a smoother and happier way with the Vietnam Honeymoon Travel to the Island of Pearl – Phu Quoc!

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